How to develop and maintain access to public lands for equine related activities.

Public lands play an important role in equine activities such as trail riding, competition venues, stabling, grazing and more.  In this area you will find information about and examples of horse-related uses of public lands such as: guidelines on engaging with land managers and other users; advocacy tools for creating and maintaining  access to public lands for horse-related uses; guides and tools for building local horse coalitions; and information on trail stewardship.


1404236529_align-leftHorses at Home on Public Land

1404236694_591262-file2009 Equestrian Access to Federal Land Report

1404236694_591262-file Getting Organized: Creating an Equestrian Trails Organization


1404236529_align-left ELCR Joins the Coalition for Recreational Trails in Supporting Section 1514 of America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019

1404236703_video Webinar – Dealing with Opposition to Equestrian Trails

1404236529_align-left Equine Land Advocacy- A Best Practice for Equine Access

1404236703_video Webinar – Advocacy, Planning, and Creating Equestrian Trails Through Organization

1404236529_align-leftCommenting on Trail Management Plans

1404236529_align-leftAirport Equestrian Trails- Riders Provide Extra Eyes for Security

1404236694_591262-fileModels for Equine Use of State Fish and Wildlife Lands

1404236703_video Making the Connection-Building Momentum for Virginia’s State Trails

1404236529_align-leftRules of the Ride

1404236529_align-leftCalifornia Hiking and Riding Trails

1404236529_align-leftEssex County Trails Association

1404236529_align-leftSay “WHOAA” to Park Closures

1404236529_align-leftSaving Our Endangered Trails

1404236529_align-leftCompeting for Space

1404236529_align-leftUsing Public Lands for Competition

1404236694_591262-fileNJ Trails Plan Update

1404236529_align-leftChronicling Success: Calithea

Shared Use

1404236703_video Webinar- Equestrian Trail Design for Urban Shared Use Trails

1404236529_align-left Advocating for Success: Protecting the Riverside Rancho Equestrian Community of Glendale, California

1404236529_align-leftCan’t We All Just Get Along

1404236529_align-leftSweat Equity and Cooperation Leads to Successful Shared Trails

Trail Design Planning, Construction, and Management

1404236703_video Webinar – Equestrian Trail Design and Best Practices

Horse Parks and Centers

1404236529_align-leftWorking with Parks for Equine Access-Master Plan Part 1

1404236529_align-leftWorking with Parks for Equine Access-Master Plan Illustrations – Part 2

1404236529_align-leftCoast to Coast – Comparing Horse Park Models

1404236529_align-leftHorse Parks Series – Monterey

1404236529_align-leftHorse Park Series – FENCE

1404236529_align-leftHorse Park Series – Masterson

1404236529_align-leftSuccessful Strides

Trail Systems

1404236529_align-leftFriends of Ahnapee State Trail

1404236529_align-left Growing Enchantment: Western New York’s Catt/Chau Horse Trails An Expanding Playground for Trail Riders


1404236529_align-leftHorse Manure on the Trails: Should We Do Something?

1404236529_align-leftSustaining Equestrian Trails

1404236529_align-leftNurturing Land Management Relationships

1404236529_align-leftConsidering Trail Closures on Public Agency Lands

1404236529_align-leftHorse Trail Access: Protect It or Lose It

1404236529_align-left Protecting Horse Trails in New Hampshire

1404236703_video From Lemons to Lemonade: Creating Sustainable Trails (Webinar)

1404236529_align-leftSustainable Trails for Equestrian Use

1404236529_align-leftHow We Do It: Volunteer Rangers in Maryland

1404236529_align-leftDon’t Assist an Alien Invasion

1404236694_591262-fileSouth Carolina Trails Survey

1404236529_align-leftSupport Your Trail System by Building a Trail Organization

1404236703_video The Trust for Public Land: An Introduction for Horsemen and Women (Webinar)

Riding Trail Directories


1404236712_591256-linkOpen Trail