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Our Mission

The Equine Land Conservation Resource leads in the protection and conservation of lands for the horse and horse-related activities.

Our Vision

A future in which horse lands have been conserved so that America’s equine heritage lives on and the emotional, physical and economic benefits of mankind’s bond with the horse remain accessible to all.

Our Issues

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the US is losing 6,000 acres of open land every day. Large open spaces and contiguous tracts of land are critical to providing the space we need to support our nation’s equestrian heritage and economy. With the current rate of loss we may not have enough land to support our horses and equestrian-related activities in as little as 15 years.

Six core issues impact equine land loss. They are: planning for horses in your community, conservation tools for horse lands, equine access to public lands, equine access to private lands, best management practices and the benefits of horses in communities.

To save our farms, trails, hayfields and other horse lands we must act immediately, addressing threats one by one, community by community. Concerned citizens across the nation are eager to get involved at a local level, but may not know where to start.

Our Work

ELCR provides easy access to the information, resources and tools that help horse people take action. ELCR organizes the immense amounts of information about keeping land open for horses, provides it in plain language, and offers direct technical assistance to help people make a difference in their communities.

We offer templates for letters, outreach materials, and how-to guides for engaging in conversations with private land owners, public lands administrators, and other key contacts. In addition, our office staff is available to provide guidance and advice.

Our Impact

Since 2007, ELCR has assisted in the protection of more than 200,000 acres of land and more than 1,200 miles of trails. American Horse Publications and Pfizer selected ELCR as the 2012 Equine Industry Vision Award recipient.

Some of our efforts include:

  • Working with a group of Missouri farm owners to prevent the shut-down of 23 parks in St. Louis County.
  • Assisting equestrians, conservationists and land owners in northeast Napa County, California to keep 61,000 acres of public land open to trail riders.
  • Successfully leading Clark County, Kentucky equestrians in a comprehensive planning process to challenge a housing development project in a horse farm area of the county.
  • Advancing the conservation of 900 acres for trail riding in Kentucky by facilitating relationships with the land owners and National Park Service RTCA Program and the Bluegrass Conservancy.

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