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Landscapes are complicated. They support our lifestyles, economies, and transportation routes. We count on their ecosystems to act as a natural control for managing waste and pollution; to absorb water and carbon; and to provide habitat for wildlife. They provide the backdrop to our lives and represent how we choose to live.

Unfortunately, as our population grows we are rapidly losing the landscapes we need to support our lifestyles, and those of us who enjoy the equestrian lifestyle are being disproportionately affected. While horse lands in particular aren’t specifically addressed in any official tally, we know from first-hand accounts and local reports that countless horse farms, hayfields, boarding facilities, and competition venues are falling prey to sprawl and poorly-planned development.

This section of our site is dedicated to providing information and resources to assist you in dealing with threats to our equestrian lifestyles. Here you will find not only guidance on how to fight back against these threats, but also on how to educate your community about the economic, cultural, and social benefits of conserving land for horse usage. Choose from one of the six categories below to find information specific to your situation.

Planning for Horses in Your Community

Conservation Tools for Horse Lands

Equine Access to Public Lands

Equine Access to Private Lands

Balancing Ecology and the Bottom Line

Benefits of Horses in Our Communities