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Communicate the Benefits of Horses

There are many economic impact studies that support the economic impact of the horse at the local, state and national level. Beyond the notable economic impact that horses bring to a community, it has been proven scientifically that horses help humans physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition, horses and horse lands provide notable environmental benefits to our communities. This issue area provides articles relating to making the case for the economic, environmental and health benefits from having horses in our local communities.

1404236529_align-left Your Community Needs Your Horse

Economic Benefits


1404236529_align-leftEquestrian Economic Impact Analysis: How Your Community Benefits

1404236529_align-leftCosts of Community Services

1404236529_align-leftThe $50,000 Pony

Recreational Tourism

1404236694_591262-fileEconomic Benefits of Trail Tourism

1404236694_591262-fileKentucky Trail Town Guide

1404236529_align-leftChanging Economic Landscapes Impact Access to Horses

Equine Economic Impact Studies

1404236694_591262-file2017 Woodford County, KY: The Influence of the Agricultural Cluster to Woodford County’s Economy

1404236694_591262-file2016 Economic Impact of the Equine Industry in Massachusetts

1404236694_591262-file2014 Economic Impact of the Horse Industry on Sonoma County, California

1404236694_591262-file2014 Marion County, Florida Equine Economic Impact Study

1404236712_591256-link2012 New York Equine Industry Economic Impact Study

1404236694_591262-file2006 Montgomery County, Maryland Horse Study

1404236712_591256-link2012 Kentucky Equine Survey

1404236712_591256-linkAmerican Horse Council National Economic Impact Survey

1404236694_591262-fileEconomic Analysis of the Saratoga Race Course

1404236694_591262-fileConceptualizing the Kentucky Horse Industry as an Economic Cluster

1404236529_align-leftNew Hampshire Economic Survey Results

1404236712_591256-linkThe Economic Impact of the Horse Industry in Virginia

Sustainable Business Models

1404236703_video Creating a Sustainable Business Model with Equestrian Activities

Links to Other Resources

1404236712_591256-link USDA 2012 Agriculture Census

1404236712_591256-linkAmerican Trails

1404236712_591256-linkAmerican Farmland Trust

Benefits to Community Identity

1404236529_align-left How Mounted Patrols Benefit Our Communities

1404236529_align-left How to Create and Sustain an Equine Landscape – Carolina Foothills Style

Environmental Benefits

1404236529_align-left Ecological Benefits of Horses

1404236529_align-left Horse Lands Bring View Sheds Benefits

Health and Welfare Benefits

1404236712_591256-link Why Horses?

1404236529_align-leftThe Impact of Horses on Human Health

1404236712_591256-linkHealth Benefits of Riding (UK Report)

1404236529_align-leftWhy Horses are Great for Kids

1404236712_591256-linkHorseback Riding Promotes Social Development and Builds Character

1404236529_align-leftHorses Healing Humans: The Multifaceted Role of Equines in Addiction Rehabilitation