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Sustainable Management of Horse Land

The most common issue we confront in talking with owners of farms and ranches is the challenge of making their businesses sustainable, both financially and ecologically.  Tools and information exist to address these challenges.  Below are links to best management practices – and resources for implementing them – by region. You will also find easy-to-use guides for improving cost management, creating business plans, and managing farms and ranches so that they last.

Organizational Best Management Practices

1404236703_video Sustainable Equine Management Webinar (March 2022)

1404236529_align-left2022 Sustainable Equine Management Resource Sheet

1404236529_align-left Impact of AFO and CAFO Regulations on the Equine Industry

1404236529_align-left Sustainable Equine Management Webinar and Resource Sheet (March 2021)

1404236529_align-leftA Look At Backyard Horsekeeping

1404236529_align-leftHorse Manure on the Trails: Should We Do Something?

1404236529_align-leftUnderstanding the Value of Wetlands on Equine Land

1404236529_align-leftBest Management Practices Can Help Your Bottom Line-  A Guide to Best Management Practices for Horse Properties

1404236703_video Manure Management Strategies Webinar

1404236703_video Protect Your Watershed, Protect Your Land

1404236529_align-left Protecting Horse Trails in New Hampshire

1404236529_align-left Eight Steps to Effective Pasture Management

1404236529_align-leftWater Trough Design and Maintenance

1404236529_align-left  Spring Into Better Water Management

1404236529_align-left  Hazelwild Farm:  Innovative Thinking Keeps Farm Thriving in Changing Landscape

1404236529_align-leftHow Many Horses Can I Keep?

1404236529_align-left  Maryland’s Revised Nutrient Management Regulations

1404236529_align-left  No Hay for Horses?