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What We Can Do to Protect Our Horse Lands, Facilities and Trails

There are many tools for protecting open lands, including horse farms and ranches, competition venues, trails, hay fields, and the ecologically sensitive lands that often accompany these.  Below you will find a discussion of the need for conserving open land; language explanations of a range of conservation tools from conservation easements to purchase of development rights programs; sample language to protect horse access in conservation easements and other conservation tools; guidance on working with land trusts; and an overview of historic and cultural preservation issues.

Why Do People Need to Protect Open Land

1404236529_align-leftOpen and Green

1404236529_align-left No Hay for Horses

The Basics – How Land Conservation is Achieved

1404236529_align-left  Conservation Easements as a Tool for Protecting Horse Lands

1404236694_591262-file Advocacy for the 2018 Farm Bill

1404236694_591262-filePurchase of Development Rights Programs in the U.S.


1404236694_591262-fileLand Trust Alliance Guide to Using the Conservation Tax Incentive

1404236703_video What Is a Conservation Easement and How Can It Help?

1404236703_video Why Conservation Easements Work

1404236694_591262-fileEquestrian Land Protection Guide

1404236529_align-leftFYI About PDRs

1404236703_video Conservation Easements as Farm and Ranchland Protection

1404236529_align-left Agriculture Districts

Conserving Horse Land Where People Live

1404236703_video The Public Value of Private Land Conservation Easements

1404236703_video The Trust For Public Land — An Introduction for Horsemen

1404236529_align-leftHow to Create and Sustain and Equine Landscape – Carolina Foothills Style

Conserving Rural Horse Land

1404236529_align-leftRural Sprawl

Seeing Horse Land Conservation at Work

1404236703_video Protecting Horse Land and History – Conservation Easements Working for Virginia

1404236703_video Chattahoochee Hills Transfer of Development Rights Program

1404236529_align-leftDriving to Save Horse Country

1404236529_align-leftThe Caledonia Conservancy

1404236529_align-left Chronicling Success – Calithea Farm

Examples of Conservation Easement Documentation

1404236694_591262-fileGuide to Equestrian Friendly Conservation Easements 2008 Edition

1404236694_591262-fileSample Conservation Easement with Equestrian Language

1404236694_591262-fileDeed of Conservation Easement Model Document