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How to develop and maintain access to private land for equine related activities

Privately owned land is the most at-risk component of our equestrian landscape.  Boarding barns, competition venues, trails, hunt fixtures and hayfields are being lost every day as a result of development, misunderstanding of liability issues by new owners of land, and rising demand for land around urbanizing areas.  ELCR offers talking points for explaining liability issues to landowners; liability management tools; guidelines for fostering positive relationships with landowners; model rules of usage and other protections for landowners who wish to open their land to horse usage; and information about the benefits of ensuring that horses stay in your community.

Liability Issues

1404236529_align-leftReducing Recreational Riding Risk

1404236529_align-leftDirectory of Equine Activity and Recreational Use Statutes for Horsemen and Landowners

Trails on Private Land 

1404236529_align-leftEquine Trail Easements: The Good, the Bad, and the Muddy – September 27, 2022

1404236703_video Webinar – Advocacy, Planning, and Creating Equestrian Trails Through Organization – August 23, 2018

1404236703_video Webinar – Successful Models in Developing and Maintaining Private Equestrian Trail Systems – July 30, 2020

1404236529_align-leftSuccessful Trail Organization Models to Protect Endangered Trails

1404236703_videoHow to Create & Sustain a Private Trail System

1404236529_align-left Private Equestrian Trail Systems – Options for Fragmented Landscapes

1404236529_align-leftHow to Assure the Reluctant Landowner

1404236529_align-leftHorse Trail Access: Protect It or Lose It

1404236529_align-leftAssuring Equestrian Access: Easements Assure Access to Equestrian Haven in North Carolina

1404236529_align-left Private Lands and Open Trails

1404236529_align-leftFinding Funds for Your Private Land Trails

1404236529_align-leftEssex County Trail Association

1404236529_align-leftUtilities and Recreational Trails: A Summary of the Article “Trails and Utilities: A Powerful Partnership” by the Rails to Trails Conservancy

Sustaining Your Private Venture

1404236529_align-leftSustaining Equestrian Trails

1404236529_align-leftLandowner Relations – A Complex Issue Affecting Short and Long-Term Hunt Viability

1404236703_video Creating a Sustainable Business Model with Equestrian Activities

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