Recreational Use Statute: 14-159-A

Recreational Use Provisions: Standard and attorney fees for winning owner, lessee, manager, holder of an easement or occupant.

Will a fee destroy protection: No. Commercial recreational land and exclusive use fees WILL destroy protection.

Effects of government involvement, government lessor/owner of land: Payments by the state to the landowner do not destroy protection.

Equine Liability Limitation Statute: 7-4101

Exception for Dangerous Latent Condition: Known or should have known, no warning signs. Plaintiff must have actual knowledge of inherent risks, claim sufficient knowledge or experience to be on notice, or be notified of risks and liability limitation (may be satisfied by sign or waiver).

Willful or Wanton Misconduct Exception: Yes

Specific Language Required for Signs, Waivers and/or Contracts: Yes 4103.A(3)

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