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Combining Efforts to Protect Land

Regardless of breed, discipline or geography, horse enthusiasts share an ever-growing concern: Where will we ride, drive, compete, race, grow hay, breed and raise horses in the future? With development encroaching on open space every day it is more important than ever to protect our equine places and spaces, and ELCR invites horse-related and land conservation organizations to join us in this effort.

The ELCR Conservation Partner Program helps protect open land while benefiting our partner groups and their members. Through the partnership ELCR reaches a broader audience and furthers our conservation efforts, while the member organization’s reputation is enhanced through its active, prominent and socially responsible role in equine land conservation.

The Conservation Partner Program is open to breed, discipline, professional and other equine-related organizations as well as non-equine organizations that share the goal of land conservation. The Program is constructed to allow organizations to maximize their affiliation without the need to commit a significant amount of resources. ELCR provides unique, current articles on equine land conservation, horse-friendly community planning, recreational access to public and private land, and best management practices issues that Partners may distribute to their members and contacts as well as reprint in their own publications or websites. We also offer opportunities for industry networking; participation in ELCR webinars, conference calls and other educational programs; public relations opportunities; and the benefit of working collectively alongside other Partner organizations to protect and preserve equine land for the enjoyment of future generations.

In this synergistic partnership, Partners act as liaisons between their membership base and ELCR. Among the most effective avenues are ELCR presentations at Partner meetings; inclusion of ELCR articles in Partner publications; and courtesy exhibit space for ELCR at events. Potential ancillary activities include logo exchange on websites, media exposure about the partnership, and incorporation of youth education modules into existing programs.

Organizations may participate as a Conservation Champion, Conservation Leader or Conservation Partner. With multiple partnership options available a variety of groups, regardless of size or resources, can participate in the program. For more information contact Holley Groshek, Executive Director, at or 859-455-8383.

Click here to see a list of our current Partner organizations.