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Date recorded: June 24, 2021

On June 24th American Trails hosted its 124th webinar in its Advancing Trails Series sponsored by Tennessee Valley Authority. This webinar focused on trending equestrian trails topics with information shared by recreational trail planners, land managers, and trail users. Topics are presented by ELCR, MIG, INC, Sustainable Stables, USDA Forest Service, and Hancock Resources LLC. Check out the recorded webinar to learn more about conserving equestrian trails resources, community engagement and inclusion in trail planning, equestrian trails sustainability and new technologies, and land managers’ challenges and opportunities.

This moderated panel of experts from the equestrian community and beyond discuss the following topics:

  • Conserving Equestrians’ Trails Resources (Holley Groshek)
  • Community Engagement & Inclusion in Trail Planning (Cole Gehler)
  • Equestrian Trails Sustainability & New Technologies (Clay Nelson)
  • Land Managers’ Challenges & Opportunities (Deb Caffin)

Following the presentations, the panelists respond to questions from webinar participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe eco-friendly materials that support the sustainability of equestrian-use trails
  • Recognize trail user practices that can create safety hazards for equestrians
  • Evaluate best practices and trends in planning and designing equestrian trails
  • Identify community outreach techniques for planning inclusive trail user opportunities


Holley Groshek:

Holley will focus on providing key educational resources available to support equine access to trails. She will highlight what is available from ELCR and BCHA and Jan Hancock’s Equestrian Guidebook etc. that people can access after the webinar.

Cole Gehler:

Most people like the idea of creating more trails and connections in their community, but not all understand the needs of other user groups. Cole will discuss various approaches to community engagement on a variety of trail planning projects.

Clay Nelson:

Clay will discuss best practices to protect land and water on equestrian trails while also providing a safe, enjoyable riding experience, with a focus on new eco-friendly solutions ideal for use on equestrian trails and trailheads.

Deb Caffin:

Deb will discuss why “Sustainable, Stewardship, and Community” are not just the buzz words of the day but represent the future of trails on public lands. Hear about how the USDA Forest Service’s 10 Year Trail Shared Stewardship Challenge Launch and Learn is setting the foundation for a more sustainable system of trails and how you can help.