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ELCR and American Trails Bring You Our Recorded Webinar:

Successful Models in Developing and Maintaining

Private Equestrian Trail Systems

Date Recorded: July 30, 2020

In this webinar you will learn about how three different communities have developed and maintained successful equestrian trail system on private land.

This webinar is brought to you in partnership with Equine Land Conservation Resource. Privately owned land is the most at-risk component of our equestrian landscape. Boarding barns, competition venues, trails, hunt fixtures, and hayfields are being lost every day as a result of development, misunderstanding of liability issues by new owners of land, and rising demand for land around urbanizing areas. Access to private land for equestrian use can be a valuable asset in your community and can result in not only a viable recreational trail system but even a corridor providing equine access to public land. Access to private land is an alternative to shared access on public trails as competition from other user groups continues to expand.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding three different community models for developing and sustaining successful private trail system.
  • How to deal with issues related to private trail systems such as protected access, liability and landowner relations.
  • How to determine if a private equestrian trail system is right for your community

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For additional information on equine access to private land, ELCR offers talking points for explaining liability issues to landowners; liability management tools; guidelines for fostering positive relationships with landowners; model rules of usage and other protections for landowners who wish to open their land to horse usage; and information about the benefits of ensuring that horses stay in your community at. View these resources here.