Recreational Use Statute: Miss. Code 89-2-1

Recreational Use Provisions: Standard, but land must be open to the public as advertised annually in a newspaper in teh county where the land is. Statute contains some provisions that are limited to specific activities rather than to “outdoor recreational activities” generally. Seek the advice of a local attorney regarding your duty of care.

Will a fee destroy protection: Yes, includes concessions or sales of other products to users.

Effects of government involvement, government lessor/owner of land: Consideration paid by any government unit or agency does not destroy protections

Equine Liability Limitation Statute: 95-11-1

Exception for Dangerous Latent Condition: Known or should have known, no warning signs

Willful or Wanton Misconduct Exception: Yes

Specific Language Required for Signs, Waivers and/or Contracts: Yes 95-11-7

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