Recreational Use Statute: 537.345 Title XXXVI

Recreational Use Provisions: Standard, but does not apply to land within the corporate boundaries of any city, municipality, town or village, or to residential property (less than one acre predominately used for housing, or surface-commercial uses (including mining or manufacturing) other than agricultural land.

Will a fee destroy protection: Yes

Effects of government involvement, government lessor/owner of land: Government agencies are included in the definition of “owner;” protection extends to land made available through a state-administered recreational access program

Equine Liability Limitation Statute: 537.325 Title XXXVI

Exception for Dangerous Latent Condition: Known, no warning signs

Willful or Wanton Misconduct Exception: Yes

Specific Language Required for Signs, Waivers and/or Contracts: Yes 537.325(6)

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